Thank you for saving Timmons Temple

A monument of faith and community in Springfield, Missouri.

Celebrating 100 years of Silver Springs Park, 1055 E. Webster, Springfield, MO. Join us for a Park Day weekend open house on Saturday, August 4th from noon-3PM and Sunday, August 5th from 3PM to 7PM.

We still have funding needs for the remaining required renovation tasks. Please make a donation to the Friends of Timmons Temple Fund managed by the Community Foundation of the Ozarks. This preservation effort is happening because of a diverse community partnership - thank you to all of the individuals, families, and business who have donated!

The latest updates on our fundraising effort are available on our Facebook page.


Timmons Temple is a rare and important African-American church in Springfield, originally located at 934 E. Webster. It was built in 1932, during the Jim Crow era, when churches were segregated, and holds irreplaceable cultural, historical and architectural significance for Springfield and the Ozarks. In the face of pending demolition for apartment development, citizen volunteers, individuals, organizations and companies in the community joined together to relocate the structure to nearby Silver Springs Park for a new life with the help of the Community Foundation of the Ozarks.

Local historians say Ozark field rock was used in the walls from adjacent Jordan Creek, where church Baptisms occurred. The ornate rock work is designed in a beautiful Craftsman style. A 2005 rock property survey stated: “some of the most ornate rockwork in the study group.” The distribution of rock reveals several ornamental figures, symbolic curved rows formed by stacking long thin chips of stones to form bans and sunbursts.

This is a preservation effort of monumental faith, and your donation will help preserve this gem for current and future generations to learn about the church’s cultural, historic, and architectural significance for our country and the Ozarks region.

Please email us if you would like to help. Find out the latest information and help get the message out, by joining us on Facebook and Twitter.

Make a donation through the Community Foundation of the Ozarks.

To donate by check:
Community Foundation of the Ozarks - “Friends of Timmons Temple Fund”
425 E. Trafficway, Springfield, MO, 65806

To contact the Community Foundation of the Ozarks: (417) 864-6199